EY 200 George Street Fitout, Sydney

  • Project Value: $4m+ (Project + Post Works)
  • Builder/Project Manager: Mirvac/Savills
  • Reference Contact: Davina Knudsen, EY, ASEAN & Oceania Design & Construction Leader
  • Completed: August 2016

The EY 200 George Street project involved the supply and installation of over 128 integrated audio visual system solutions (AMX Digital Media based) over 23 building levels, being as typically found in a Tier 1 corporate facility with an agile workspace strategy. This exciting project provided VisionX with numerous challenges in deploying integrated workplace and presentation technologies across EY’s new Sydney office; challenges we not only proactively met head-on, but collaboratively overcome to ensure EY received a highly successful project delivery outcome. Some of the technologies deployed included:

  • Exterity centrally distributed IPTV & Digital Signage.
  • Enterprise wide deployment of Mersive Solstice POD Wireless Collaboration Presenters. This included VisionX being heavily involved in the testing and security vetting of this product, which has now become an EY global standard.
  • Integration of the buildings lighting and blinds across EY's occupied floors.
  • Wayfinding, ‘Hot Desk’ & Room Booking Panel installation. 
  • Supply and installation of numerous ‘Silo’ and ‘Centralised FCR’ system solutions with EY networked based integrated control, being implemented across EY’s agile workplace.
  • Complex client floor systems included room combining, video conferencing, web conferencing and flexible in-room technology deployment and positioning.
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Westpac Kogarah Fitout, Sydney

  • Project Value: $2m+
  • Builder/Consultant: Lend Lease/Audio Systems Logic
  • Reference Contact: Jon Davis, Lend Lease, Snr Project Manager
  • Completed: November 2015

The Westpac Kogarah project involved the supply and installation of over 80 integrated audio visual system solutions (Crestron Digital Media based) over 6 building levels, being as typically found in a Tier 1 corporate facility with an agile workplace strategy. Encapsulated in this exciting facility was the requirement to deliver unique and challenging spaces like the Westpac Atrium & Cave (Westpac products & services showcase facility) separable portions.

The Atrium portion involved delivering a large format 220” Video Wall incorporating PixelNet (Network distribution of real-time video wall content), with an incredibly complex degree of customised programming and Active ICT coordination that required our lead programmer to spend 8 weeks dedicated to this one ‘silo’ system alone. VisionX’s engineering team coordinated closely with Lend Lease & the projects stakeholders in providing engineering design assistance for the walls frame structure, design of GUI interface layouts with Westpac Technologies, system components layout & post servicing access requirements, & Active ICT coordination for the provision of PixelNet on the clients network.

Westpac Kogarah L2 Complete 118 b&w v2.jpg
Westpac Atrium V3 B&W.jpg

Canon Head Office Fitout, Macquarie Park, Sydney

  • Project Value: $1.4m
  • Builder: Taylor Construction
  • Reference Contact: Elizabeth Nicholson, Snr Project Manager, Lend Lease, formally CBRE
  • Completed: May 2014

The Canon Head Office Fitout involved VisionX delivering 73 integrated audio visual system solutions of varying formats and complexities over 6 building levels, with this newly constructed building delivering a hybrid-flexible workplace for its employees. Some of the more challenging solutions successfully delivered in this facility included a large format ‘edge blended’ multi projector system for the buildings reception, several flexible positioning projection systems projecting onto ‘track based’ transparent perspex in the products showroom, a complex combinable-room training and presentation facility; and close coordination with Canon IT in the enterprise-wide deployment of the Crestron AirMedia presentation systems on the clients network.

Boardroom Image Adjust Colour_B&W.jpg

  End of Year ‘Summer Break’ University Project Works

  •    Projects Works Value: $1.5 to $3.5m per annum
  •    Some Builders: Shape Group, Buildcorp, ADCO, Taylor Constructions, Ichor Constructions, Lipman, WATPAC
  •    Reference Contact: Simon Alder, Alder Consulting (Consultant on projects for ACU and UTS)
  •    Completed: Annual University ‘Summer Breaks’

VisionX has for many years now completed large volumes of projects works in the University end of year ‘summer breaks’; being from Dec 1st through till Feb 16th when classes return for Semester 1. The company has become highly attuned over the years in delivering this ‘high pressure’ volume of works across multiple builders, with competing programs and deliverables. This poses a different set of challenges in comparison to say delivering one project of a comparable value, as there are so many variables to manage program wise with multiple stakeholders. With no room for delays based on Universities ‘must’ having classes ready for start of Semester, VisionX’s systems and processes coupled with our ability to accelerate and manage multiple projects simultaneously has allowed the company to successfully deliver these bodies of work during this period.

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Further Short Listings of Past Projects

 UTS Central Decant, Robotics Lab, SEDT B1, Collab & Chancellery, Ultimo:

  •  Projects Value: $500k
  •  Builder: UTS & Momentum Build

 Australian Hearing Hub, Macquarie University, Sydney:

  •  Package Project Value: $1.24m
  •  Builder: WATPAC

 Aurecon (Consultants), Sydney & Perth Office Fitouts:

  •  Package Project Value: $1.2m
  •  Builder: FDC (Sydney) / Direct to the client in Perth

 Symantec Head Office Fitout, Sydney:

  •  Package Project Value: $1.09m
  •  Builder: MPA Projects

 SAP, Sydney, Canberra & Brisbane Projects:

  •  Package Project Value: $950K+
  •  Builder: Unispace / Direct to the client in Sydney

 McCullough Robertson, Sydney:

  •  Package Project Value: $460K
  •  Builder: Shape Group

 ATO Penrith, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra (ACIC) Fitouts:

  •  Projects Value: $1.9m+
  •  Builder: PSG (Newcastle) / FDC (Penrith)

 InSPIRE Centre, ACT:

  •  Package Project Value: $1.4m
  •  Builder: Manteena

Letter Of Appreciation - Canon Project