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Proactive Engagement, Not Passive

VisionX proactively engages with clients and project delivery stakeholders to ensure desired outcomes are achieved not only at completion, but also during the process of delivery. Being a ‘non’ variation focused company, VisionX seeks collaborative and efficient process driven interactions, proactively partnering for the collective benefit of all involved. Coupled with a focus on 360 degree services offerings and long-term client retention, this important distinction is a key differentiator when considering VisionX.

Structured Organisation & In-house Expertise in Professional Services

A well-structured projects delivery team and technical resources group is an essential aspect of VisionX’s partnership offering and ongoing company success. VisionX has an organisational structure with dedicated in-house resourcing to deliver in the following key disciplines:

  • Project Management
  • Construction Process & QA Management
  • Site Management and Supervisors
  • Design & Documentation Engineering (Inc. EASE Modeling)
  • Control System Programming                          
  • Audio System Tuning, DSP Configurations
  • Active ICT & Enterprise-Wide Technology Deployment
  • Commissioning & Testing

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Professional Delivery of Audio

Of the three core elements (Video/Audio/Control) found within integrated audio visual system solutions, audio is the most difficult and often overlooked aspect of system design. Audio is equally important, if not more important than the visual component at times, it is what subconsciously engages people and provides a truly immersive experience. In terms of delivery, organisations often pay for expensive audio system components in their broader solution, only to have the audio system aspect delivered at a ‘factory setting’ configuration without in-room tuning or professional configuration of the DSP software. 

VisionX maximises the clients ROI in audio equipment capital expenditure and the audiences listening experience in the following ways:

  • By providing expert consultation on audio system design
  • In-house EASE electroacoustic modeling capability to design systems based on in-room acoustics
  • Two dedicated commissioning engineers with system audio tuning capabilities and experience
  • Extensive experience on Symetrix, Yamaha, Biamp, Q-SYS, BSS and Media Matrix DSP platforms
  • Consultative expertise on Wireless Voice Reinforcement solutions and the Digital Dividend roll-out
  • Stringent audio system commissioning and certification processes                                      
  • Hearing Augmentation solutions to meet BCA and industry ‘best practice’ deployment standards

HDBaseT Platform Experience

As analog based audio visual systems drifted off into the sunset, VisionX was an early adopter of Crestron's Digital Media (DM) suite of products and solutions. With Crestron being the first of the major manufacturers to offer a digital backbone HDBaseT solution to the Australian market, VisionX identified an opportunity to develop a competitive advantage as an integrator, being the first to market in offering our clients' a digital backbone solution founded on extensive in-house product testing and systems development.

From being the first integrator in Australia to workbench test Crestron’s beta DM frame in our former showroom at Breakfast Point, Sydney; VisionX has since gone on to deliver thousands of system solutions utilising HDBaseT as its backbone, supporting well known and respected platform solutions provided from Crestron, AMX and Extron to name a few.

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In-house Control System Programming

With three control system programmers currently employed at VisionX, the company holds extensive programming capabilities and experience in-house, not requiring to subcontract this essential element in many required integrated system solutions. Over 95% of all systems delivered by VisionX have a control system at its core, being in the main manufactured by either AMX or Crestron.

Our programming team can deliver complex programming for large scale enterprise-wide deployments, for example, successfully delivering over 128 AMX controlled audio visual systems of various sizes and levels of integration complexity for EY recently (Via Java). Further, our programming team regularly provides design and development of control touch panel interfaces (GUI’s) and builds its own modules when required, ensuring the enhancement of control reliability and robustness is obtained as an outcome.     

Engineering Design & Documentation

Projects are often awarded with narrow delivery timeframes, requiring VisionX to quickly and efficiently progress through project initiation and planning phases so as to rapidly attend to site for early works to commence. With several in-house dedicated Engineers providing documented designs and further supporting company staff highly proficient in AutoCAD, VisionX has the Engineering resources to meet and exceed program requirements with the capacity to accelerate when/if required. VisionX views the production of high quality engineering documentation as absolutely essential in ensuring a project is successfully delivered in the early planning, construction and final build phases.

  • System design schematics - AutoCAD / WireCAD
  • Side elevation design and layout drawings
  • In-room and building level equipment layout drawings
  • Custom engineered mounts, plates, lecterns and trolley design drawings
  • Progressive delivery of design documentation; being 'preliminary', ‘for construction’ and ‘as built’ in phasing

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Active ICT and Enterprise-wide Deployment

With the ever growing level of convergence between audio visual and IT, progressive technology integrator's have had to diversify their engineering and delivery capabilities to cater to IT centric requirements. A majority of audio visual systems no longer reside on private networks, therefore understanding organisations IT networks and requirements in integrating audiovisual elements is now essential. 

In recent years, VisionX has progressively built its in-house capabilities to deliver upon these requirements in the following ways:

  • Version controlled IP Registers
  • Pre-deployment configuration of equipment
  • Expertise in Dante & AVB networked audio, steaming protocols & IPTV
  • Experience in collaboratively working with clients and manufacturers in achieving equipment security vetting
  • Cisco CCNA certified Engineers and experienced in-house consulting services on Network Integration Design

Day 1 Active Utilisation

A clients day 1 active utilisation requirements are often overlooked when an integrator's focus is on delivering the project by a set milestone in the construction phase. VisionX understands that the clients immediate usage requirements are equally as important as delivering the project itself, and hence, VisionX provides numerous post project professional services options to ensure day 1 active utilisation is realised.

  • Comprehensive user operation & quick start guides
  • User and administrator / maintenance training sessions
  • Post project delivery on-site imbedded technical support
  • Custom system operation videos to reside on the clients network
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